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Balsamic-Vinegar S 250 ml

Reinsortiger Balsamessig aus Sämling-Trauben, mindestens 5 Jahre alt.

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Seedling" grapes are harvested at the vineyard of Tschida in Apetlon, then sorted, pressed carefully and then delivered to our Vinegar brewery.

After day-long boiling at a low temperature the flavours and the natural fruit sugars concentrate. The reduced juice is filled into barrels and brought to alcoholic fermentation. Once the desired alcohol level is achieved, we ventilate the newly won wine and inoculate it with a "reinsortig" pure-bred vinegar bacterial culture (= vinegar mother). After fermentation is completed the young vinegar matures in oak barrels. We then expose the barrels to the elements, which means the vinegar can then "work" with the seasons. In winter a type of hibernation occurs, in summer liquid can evaporate through the pores of the wood due to high temperatures, that way the volume reduces from year to year and the vinegar becomes "rounder".

This type of balsamic vinegar is not matured in several kinds of woods, like the classical Aceto Balsamico. In our opinion one type of fruit or wine should only mature in one type of wood. Whereas with the Aceto Balsamico several grape sorts are used, therefore several types of wood should be used. The grape balsam has many natural sediments. It should be shaken vigorously before consumption. Additionally, we do not add caramel or sugar colouring to our balsamic vinegar, to make them appear dark and sweet. The seedling is distinguished by its mild acidity and its unique flavour.

As far as we know, no one ever tried to produce classic vinegar from this kind of grape.

1-2 tablespoons of vinegar in 1/8 l tab or mineral water or mix a few drops with sparkling win - To marinate raw fish, meat, fruit and vegetables for several days - on blue cheese - on pies and chocolate cakes - over cold boiled sliced beef with onions and oil - over Carpaccio - over "Topfenpalatschinken" (pancakes filled with cream cheese) - on ice-cream - on fresh strawberries with coarsely ground pepper, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil - reduce the traminer balsam, add honey and serve as sauce - For refining sauces, obtained from the drippings of roasting fish or meat: pour fat off drippings. Dilute with wine and then reduce, remove sauce and let boil, take pan off flame, add cold butter and spice with vinegar.

6 % acetic acid

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